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Search Engine Optimization Quote

fsm-google-doodleI have been hard at work learning about search engine optimization (SEO) and working very closely with my customers to get fantastic results in Google. I wanted to share with you some recent victories that I have gotten for a few of my clients. I was able to get all of these web sites in the top 10 searche results in Google for some very highly competitive keywords.

The main keyword that this was optimized for was glass cheese trays. It is a highly competive keyword with about 290,000 competitive web sites in Google. I am very happy to report that the site is in the number #1 spot in Google for this keyword!  Click Here if you want to checkout the results in Google for yourself.

The keyword Phoenix AZ running shoes was used on this site as the main keyword to optimize for SEO. This keyword has 118,00 competing web sites in Google. This site is listed as #5 in Google for this keyword! Click Here to checkout the results.

Entertainment attorney John Tormeys site was optimized for the main keyword of New York entertainment lawyer. This keyword has an unbelievable 3, 020,000 competing web sites. I am very happy to report his site is in the #4 spot in Google for this keyword. Click Here to check it out.

Chiropractor Dr. Nicole Boerboom web site was optimized for Chandler Chiro (Chandler, AZ is the city where her practice resides). Awesome results here with her web site coming in at the #5, #6, and #7 spot in Google for this keyword. There are 225,000 competing web sites in Google for this keyword. Click Here to checkout these results.

My clients have been very pleased with these results as you can imagine. All of the time researching SEO and learning the techniques to get a good listing have really paid off. The bottom line is my techniques work and can help you get your web site in the top 10 for a highly searched keyword even with tough competition. I only work with one customer at a time so if you want a top 10 listing in Google for your business contact me and we can get started right away!

Click Here to contact me and get your business in the top 10 of Google. Get your search engine optimization quote now!