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Google Top 10 Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is something you are going to need if you want to be
successful with an online business. It is one of the best forms of website
promotion available. There are so many businesses online, that you have to have a
superior ranking with a search engine in order to get customers in your virtual
door. To do that, your search engine optimization has to be perfect. Without it,
the other guy will be getting all the business.

You can have the best looking, most informative web page on the Internet, but if no
one knows about it, you won’t get any customers and your business will suffer. One
key strategy to bringing in traffic to your website is search engine optimization.
Basically, users type a keyword or phrase into a search engine and potentially
thousands of web pages may pop up. But you don’t want your prospective customers to
have to look four, five or even ten pages deep into the search results to find your

To know how to best go about optimizing your page for a search engine, you first
need to know how search engine optimization works. It helps to know for what
keywords a typical user will be searching. Some website owners help improve their
ranking in search engines by changing the page’s coding or structure, so the actual
work to make the page more optimized all happens behind the scenes. The user
visiting won’t actually notice changes on the page. Other website owners choose to
optimize their page with unique content. This helps the placement of their web page
when someone is searching with a search engine such as Google or Yahoo!. The unique
content is easily indexed.

It is also wise to use directory submission, that is, submit your web page with
different directories such as Yahoo!. This can also bring traffic into your website.

To do this, just search for the site’s directory submission page, enter your URL,
website name, keywords or phrases, and a brief description and submit it.

Once you get the customers into your site, if it is well done and informative, they
will want to add URL to their bookmarks so they can visit again. Just remember that
website optimization is a key part of your Internet marketing and business success.

By: Ramiro Trevino

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